I've had some wonderful opportunities to travel, and this time it’s taking me to South Africa to collaborate with The Wild Collective! (Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! Okay, maybe not the bears) The Wild Collective is a digital influencer agency that curate luxury travel and lifestyle collaborations. Pretty cool, huh? 

So, trying to plan all of this is a process! Dates are crucial because it all depends on availability of hotels (The Wild Collective coordinates this part for you), how many nights, and flights. Trying to choose a flight that’s budget friendly and one that will get you there in the shortest time possible might be the hardest. 

We ended up flying Turkish Airlines. It’s a 9hr flight from Boston to Istanbul. We made sure our checked luggage was under 20kg (44lbs) and our carryon was under 8kg (17lb). We ended up getting to Boston Logan Airport 3hrs early which was fine, our flight was leaving at 11:35pm and we had time to grab dinner. Anyways we boarded, the economy seats weren’t too shabby, I made sure to remove everything from the front pockets so my knees had a little more wiggle room. I’d tell you how the free meals were but I was 2 melatonin in and didn’t wake up for dinner or breakfast. When we landed the little girl behind me ended up throwing up, I’ll just take that as a good omen! 

And here we are, waiting in the Istanbul airport for 9hrs until our next flight to Cape Town.

To be continued... 


Airline: Turkish Airlines 

Flight cost: $867.64 round trip 

Trip Duration: 30hrs BOS> IST > CPT